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After 2 months, this begin slowly. What ? Mini Jeux Web ! Casual game portal, free flash games, my little website offers a content updated regularly to purpose nice games for all the family. Go play few minuts (5 min 36 to stay in the average) !

I will add some news regularly, even if my experiences take time to lead because I’m not an expert (referencing etc.).

I would like to ask to developpers who make french speaking casual games, you can contact me at the adress webmaster at if you want me to host your game. Yes, it’s quite difficult to develop a french speaking portal : there are not many games in french … !
Same adress if some are interested in link exchange.

A bientôt !

PS : thanks to the people who support this website (with links or advices :) )


One Response to “Mini Jeux Web : flash game portal”
  1. blanc says:

    super cool ton site vraiment,tu verras un bon référencement pourra te faire pgoresser rapidement!!!!

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